Our Story

Coffee has always been a part of Nick & Ashley's history, starting at their first date in 2008 over a cup of coffee. After moving to Charlotte in 2014 they found a passion in supporting local coffee shops on a regular basis and envisioned one day to building this passion into a family business. They wanted to find a way to do this while also giving back to the community. So, Humble Cup was created.

What started of in their garage roasting and selling coffee to their neighbors back in 2019 quickly grew into a Farmers Market staple. Over time their passion continued to grow from a simple pop-up table, to a hand built coffee cart to a completely restored 1950's horse tailer turned mobile coffee bar.  

They opened their first brick and motor coffee shop on Jan. 7th, 2023 and haven't looked back. 

Thank you for being a part of our story and giving back at the same time. 

Ashley, Everly, Emerson & Nick Conforti

 Where it all started...

First Date on April 17, 2008